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260              Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion
would chance the salt-horse in that big dining-room for a flyer, as the boys say. Some fellows were talk­ing just at our elbow, and one says, ' Yonder's the new governor of Massachusetts — at that table over there with the ladies.' We took a good look, my mate and I, for we hadn't either of us ever seen a governor be­fore. I looked and looked at that face, and then all of a sudden it popped on me ! But I didn't give any sign. Says I, ' Mate, I've a notion to go over and shake hands with him.' Says he, ' I think I see you doing it, Tom.' Says I, ' Mate, I'm a-going to do it.' Says he, ' Oh, yes, I guess so ! May be you don't want to bet you will, Tom?' Says I, 'I don't mind going a V on it, mate.' Says he, ' Put it up.' 4 Up she goes,' says I, planking the cash. This surprised him. But he covered it, and says, pretty sarcastic, 1 Hadn't you better take your grub with the governor and the ladies, Tom?' Says I, ' Upon second thoughts, I will.' Says he, 'Well, Tom, you are a dum fool.' Says I, 'Maybe I am, maybe I ain't; but the main question is, do you want to risk two and a half that I won't do it?' ' Make it a V,' says he. ' Done,' says I. I started, him a-giggling and slapping his hand on his thigh, he felt so good. I went over there and leaned my knuckles on the table a minute and looked the governor in the face, and says I, ' Mr. Gardner, don't you know me?' He stared, and I stared, and he stared. Then all of a sudden he sings out, ' Tom Bowling, by the holy poker! Ladies, it's old Tom Bowling, that you've heard me talk about — shipmate of mine in the Mary Ann.' He rose up and shook hands with me ever so hearty — I sort of glanced around and took a realizing sense of my mate's saucer eyes — and then says the governor, 'Plant yourself, Tom, plant yourself; you can't cat your anchor again till you've had a feed with me and the ladies!' I