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About Magnanimous-Incident Literature           331
brave young person, and, placing a check for five hundred dollars in his hand, said, " Take this as a re≠ward for your noble act, William Ferguson, and if ever you shall need a friend, remember that Thompson Mc≠Spadden has a grateful heart.'' Let us learn from this that a good deed cannot fail to benefit the doer, how≠ever humble he may be.
William Ferguson called the next week and asked Mr. McSpadden to use his influence to get him a higher employment, he feeling capable of better things than driving a grocer's wagon. Mr. McSpadden got him an underclerkship at a good salary.
Presently William Ferguson's mother fell sick, and Williamó Well, to cut the story short, Mr. Mc≠Spadden consented to take her into his house. Before long she yearned for the society of her younger children; so Mary and Julia were admitted also, and little Jimmy, their brother. Jimmy had a pocket-knife, and he wandered into the drawing-room with it one day, alone, and reduced ten thousand dollars' worth of furniture to an indeterminable value in rather less than three-quarters of an hour. A day or two later he fell downstairs and broke his neck, and seventeen of his family's relatives came to the house to attend the funeral. This made them acquainted, and they kept the kitchen occupied after that, and likewise kept the McSpaddens busy hunting up situations of various sorts for them, and hunting up more when they wore these out. The old woman drank a good deal and swore a good deal; but the grateful McSpaddens knew it was their duty to reform her, considering what her son had done for them, so they clave nobly to their generous task. William came often and got decreasing sums of money, and asked for higher and more lucrative employments