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Loves of A. Fitz Clarence and Rosa Ethelton 411
are doing better than usual. You are only thirty-four
minutes wrong. Let me see......let me see
......Thirty-three and twenty-one are fifty-four;
four times fifty-four are two hundred and thirty-six. One off, leaves two hundred and thirty-five. That's right."
He turned the hands of his clock forward till they marked twenty-five minutes to one, and said, " Now
see if you can't keep right for a while......else I'll
raffle you!"
He sat down at the desk again, and said, "Aunt Susan!"
" Yes, dear."
" Had breakfast?"
" Yes, indeed, an hour ago."
" Busy?"
" No — except sewing. Why?"
" Got any company?"
" No, but I expect some at half-past nine." " I wish I did. I'm lonesome. I want to talk to somebody."
" Very well, talk to me."
" But this is very private."
" Don't be afraid — talk right along, there's nobody here but me."
" I hardly know whether to venture or not, but—"
" But what? Oh, don't stop there! You know you can trust me, Alonzo — you know you can."
" I feel it, aunt, but this is very serious. It affects me deeply — me, and all the family — even the whole community."
" Oh, Alonzo, tell me! I will never breathe a word of it. What is it?"
"Aunt, if I might dare—"
" Oh, please go on! I love you, and feel for you. Tell me all. Confide in me. What is it?"