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Loves of A. Fitz Clarence and Rosa Ethelton 419
He saw her bowed form bend lower; he heard her kiss something — not merely once, but again and again ! His soul raged within him. The heart-breaking con­versation went on:
" Rosannah, I knew you must be beautiful, but this is dazzling, this is blinding, this is intoxicating!"
"Alonzo, it is such happiness to hear you say it. I know it is not true, but I am so grateful to have you think it is, nevertheless! I knew you must have a noble face, but the grace and majesty of the reality beggar the poor creation of my fancy."
Burley heard that rattling shower of kisses again.
" Thank you, my Rosannah! The photograph flat­ters me, but you must not allow yourself to think of that. Sweetheart?"
" Yes, Alonzo."
" I am so happy, Rosannah."
" Oh, Alonzo, none that have gone before me knew what love was, none that come after me will ever know what happiness is. I float in a gorgeous cloudland, a boundless firmament of enchanted and bewildering ecstasy!"
" Oh, my Rosannah!—for you are mine, are you not?"
" Wholly, oh, wholly yours, Alonzo, now and for­ever ! All the day long, and all through my nightly dreams, one song sings itself, and its sweet burden is, 'Alonzo Fitz Clarence, Alonzo Fitz Clarence, Eastport, State of Maine! "
" Curse him, I've got his address, anyway!" roared Burley, inwardly, and rushed from the place.
Just behind the unconscious Alonzo stood his mother, a picture of astonishment. She was so muffled from head to heel in furs that nothing of herself was visible but her eyes and nose. She was a good allegory of winter, for she was powdered all over with snow.