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Loves of A. Fitz Clarence and Rosa Ethelton 427
on — he waiting, listening, rising slowly and uncon­sciously from his recumbent position. At last he ex­claimed :
" It is! it is she ! Oh, the divine flatted notes!"
He dragged himself eagerly to the corner whence the sounds proceeded, tore aside a curtain, and discovered a telephone. He bent over, and as the last note died away he burst forth with the exclamation:
" Oh, thank Heavens, found at last! Speak to me, Rosannah, dearest! The cruel mystery has been un­raveled ; it was the villain Burley who mimicked my voice and wounded you with insolent speech !"
There was a breathless pause, a waiting age to Alonzo; then a faint sound came, framing itself into language:
" Oh, say those precious words again, Alonzo !"
" They are the truth, the veritable truth, my Rosan­nah, and you shall have the proof, ample and abundant proof!"
" Oh, Alonzo, stay by me! Leave me not for a moment! Let me feel that you are near me! Tell me we shall never be parted more! Oh, this happy hour, this blessed hour, this memorable hour!"
" We will make record of it, my Rosannah; every year, as this dear hour chimes from the clock, we will celebrate it with thanksgivings, all the years of our life."
" We will, we will, Alonzo!"
" Four minutes after six, in the evening, my Rosan­nah, shall henceforth—»"
" Twenty-three minutes after twelve, afternoon, shall —''
" Why, Rosannah, darling, where are you?"
" In Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. And where are you? Stay by me; do not leave me for a moment. I cannot bear it. Are you at home?"