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Loves of A. Fitz Clarence and Rosa Ethelton 431
The New York papers of the same date contained this notice:
Married.— In this city, yesterday, by telephone, at half-past two in the morning, by Rev. Nathaniel Davis, assisted by Rev. Nathan Hays, of Hon­olulu, Mr. Alonzo Fitz Clarence, of Eastport, Maine, and Miss Rosannah Ethelton, of Portland, Oregon. The parents and several friends of the bridegroom were present, and enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast and much festivity until nearly sunrise, and then departed on a bridal trip to the Aquarium, the bridegroom's state of health not admitting of a more ex­tended journey.
Toward the close of that memorable day, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Fitz Clarence were buried in sweet con­verse concerning the pleasures of their several bridal tours, when suddenly the young wife exclaimed : " Oh, Lonny, I forgot! I did what I said I would."
'4 Did you, dear?"
" Indeed, I did. I made him the April fool! And I told him so, too! Ah, it was a charming surprise! There he stood, sweltering in a black dress suit, with the mercury leaking out of the top of the thermometer, waiting to be married. You should have seen the look he gave when I whispered it in his ear. Ah, his wickedness cost me many a heartache and many a tear, but the score was all squared up, then. So the vengeful feeling went right out of my heart, and I begged him to stay, and said I forgave him everything. But he wouldn't. He said he would live to be avenged; said he would make our lives a curse to us. But he can't, can he, dear?"
" Never in this world, my Rosannah!"
Aunt Susan, the Oregonian grandmother, and the
young couple and their Eastport parents, are all happy
at this writing, and likely to remain so. Aunt Susan
brought the bride from the islands, accompanied her 28