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434                               Map of Paris
piece of river with the " High Bridge " over it got left out to one side by reason of a slip of the graving-tool, which rendered it necessary to change the entire course of the River Rhine, or else spoil the map. After having spent two days in digging and gouging at the map, I would have changed the course of the Atlantic Ocean before I would lose so much work.
I never had so much trouble with anything in my life as I had with this map. I had heaps of little fortifications scattered all around Paris at first, but every now and then my instruments would slip and fetch away whole miles of batteries, and leave the vicinity as clean as if the Prussians had been there.
The reader will find it well to frame this map for future reference, so that it may aid in extending popular intelligence, and in dispelling the widespread ignorance of the day.                                 MARK TWAIN.
It is the only map of the kind I ever saw.
U. S. Grant.
It places the situation in an entirely new light.
I cannot look upon it without shedding tears.
Brigham Young.
It is very nice large print.
My wife was for years afflicted with freckles, and, though everything
was done for her relief that could be done, all was in vain. But, sir, since
her first glance at your map, they have entirely left her. She has nothing
but convulsions now.
J. Smith.