Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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again in this intrepid way. He said :
presented himself beforeAunt Polly, who was sitting by an open window in a pleasant rearward apart­ment, which was bed-room, breakfast-room, dining-room, and library, com­bined. The balmy summer air, the restful quiet, the odor of the flowers, and the drowsing murmur of the bees had had their effect, and she was nodding over her knitting—for she had no company but the cat, and it was asleep in her lap. Her specta­cles were propped up on her gray head for safety. She had thought that of course Tom had deserted long ago, and she wondered at see­ing him place himself in her power "Mayn't I go and play now, aunt?'3
"What, a'ready? How much have you done?" 333