Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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" No, I don't care for rats much, anyway. What I like is chewing-gum." " O, I should say so ! I wish I had some now."
" Do you ? I've got some. I'll let you chew it awhile, but you must give it back to me."
That was agreeable, so they chewed it turn about, and dangled their legs against the bench in excess of contentment.
* Was you ever at a circus? " said Tom.
"Yes, and my pa's going to take me again some time, if I'm good."
" I been to the circus three or four times—lots of times. Church ain't shucks to a circus. There's things going on at a circus all the time. I'm going to be a clown in a circus when I grow up."
" O, are you! That will be nice. They're so lovely, all spotted up."
" Yes, that's so. And they get slathers of money—most a dollar a day, Ben Rogers says. Say, Becky, was you ever engaged ? "
" What's that ? "
"Why, engaged to be married."
" No."
"Would you like to?"
"I reckon so. I don't know. What is it like?"
"Like?" Why it ain't like anything. You only just telf a boy you wont ever have any body but him, ever ever ever, and then you kiss and that's alL Anybody can do it."
" Kiss ? What do you kiss for ?"
"Why that, you know, is to—well, they always do that"
" Everybody ? "
"Why yes, everybody that's in love with each other. Do you remember what I wrote on the slate?"
" What was it ? "
"I shant tell you."
"Shall I tell you?"
" Ye—yes—but some other time."