Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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" Did you ? Why it's funny I didn't see you. I wanted to tell you about the pic-nic."
" O, that's jolly. Who's going to give it ? " " My ma's going to let me have one." " O, goody; I hope she'll let me come."
" Well she will. The pic-nic's for me. She'll let anybody come that I want,. and I want you."
" That's ever so nice. When is it going to be? " " By and by. Maybe about vacation."
" O, won't it be fun ! You going to have all the girls and boys ? "
" Yes, every one that's friends to meó or wants to be;" and she glanced ever so furtively at Tom, but he talked right along to Amy Lawrence about the terrible storm on the island, and how the lightning tore the great sycamore tree "all to flinders" while he was " standing within three feet of it."
" O, may I come ? " said Gracie Miller, "Yes."
"And me ? " said Sally Rogers. "Yes."
" And me, too ? " said Susy Harper. " And Joe ? "
And so on, with clapping of joyful hands till all the group had begged for invitations but Tom and Amy. Then Tom turned coolly away, still talking, and took Amy with him. Becky's lips trembled and the tears came to her eyes; she hid these signs with a forced gayety and went on chattering, but the life had gone out of the pic-nic, now, and out of everything else; she got away as soon as she could and hid herself and had what her sex call "a good cry." Then she sat