Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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DEAD PEOPLE AND GHOSTS.                                         197
time of night with witches and ghosts a fluttering around so. I feel as if something's behind me all the time ; and I'm afeard to turn around, becuz maybe there's others in front a-waiting for a chance. I been creeping all over, ever since I got here."
"Well, I've been pretty much so, too, Huck. They most always put in a dead man when they bury a treasure under a tree, to look out for it."
" Lordy! "
"Yes, they do. I've always heard tjiat."
"Tom I don't like to fool around much where there's dead people. A body's bound to get into trouble with 'em, sure."
"I don't like to stir 'em up, either. S'pose this one here was to stick his skull out and say something ! "
"Don't, Tom! It's awful."
"Well it just is. Huck, I don't feel comfortable a bit."
" Say, Tom, let's give this place up, and try somewheres else."
"All right, I reckon we better."
" What'11 it be ? "
Tom considered a while; and then said—
" The ha'nted house. That's it! "
"Blame it, I don't like ha'nted houses Tom. Why they're a dern sight worse'n dead people. Dead people might talk, maybe, but they don't come sliding around in a shroud, when you ain't noticing, and peep over your shoulder all of a sudden and grit their teeth, the way a ghost does. I couldn't stand such a thing as that, Tom—nobody could."
" Yes, but Huck, ghosts don't travel around only at night. They won't hender us from digging there in the day time."
"Well that's so. But you know mighty well people don't go about that ha'nted house in the day nor the night."
"Well, that's mostly because they don't like to go where a man's been murdered, anyway—but nothing's ever been seen around that house except in the night—just some blue lights slipping by the windows—no regular ghosts."
"Well where you see one of them blue lights flickering around, Tom, you can bet there's a ghost mighty close behind it. It stands to reason. Becuz you know that they don't anybody but ghosts use 'em."