Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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2o6                                                     TOM SAWYER.
robbery altogether—it's revenge I" and a wicked light flamed in his eyes. " I'll need your help in it. When it's finished—then Texas. Go home to your Nance and your kids, and stand by till you hear from me."
"Well—if you say so, what'll we do with this—bury it again ? "
"Yes. [Ravishing delight overhead.] No! by the great Sachem, no! [Profound distress overhead.] I'd nearly forgot. That pick had fresh earth on it! [The boys were sick with terror in a moment.] What business has a pick and a shovel here? What business with fresh earth on them? Who brought them here—and where are they gone ? Have you heard anybody?— seen anybody? What! bury it again and leave them to come and see the ground disturbed? Not exactly—not exactly. We'll take it to my den."
"Why of course! Might have thought of that before. You mean Number One?"
"No—Number Two — under the cross. The other place is bad —too common."
" All right. It's nearly dark enough to startI'
Injun Joe got up and went about from window to window cautiously peep­ing out. Presently he said :
" Who could have brought those tools here? Do you reckon they can be up stairs?"
The boys' breath forsook them. Injun Joe put his hand on his knife, halted a moment, undecided, and then turned toward the stairway. The boys thought of the closet, but their strength was gone. The steps came creaking up the stairs—the intolerable distress of the situation woke the stricken resolution of the lads—they were about to spring for the closet, when there was a crash of rotten timbers and Injun Joe landed on the ground amid the dibris of the ruined stairway. He gathered himself up cursing, and his comrade said:
" Now what's the use of all that? If it's anybody, and they're up there, let them stay there—who cares? If they want to jump down, now, and get into trouble, who objects? It will be dark in fifteen minutes—and then let them follow us if they want to. I'm willing. In my opinion, whoever hove those things in here caught a sight of us and took us for ghosts or devils or some­thing. I'll bet they're running yet."