An illustrated trade catalogue of children's toys, novelties, games,
and fancy goods as they were sold circa 1900

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INDESTRUCTIBLE.                              EXTRH LARGE AND SHOWY.
Dump Carts,
52. " Boy Blue " is made wholly of steel, fin­ished in two bright colors. Has long handle made of heavy wire. Size of box, 7x4 inches.................$ 2 40
I. "Tom Thumb," every part is of steel and is so strongly made that it is practically indestructible. Body is of one piece and is set on wood axle; wheels are fastened by bolts. Size of box, 10^ inches long; 7-inch wheels. Perfect dumping apparatus................. 5 50
No. 52. Size of box, 7x4 inches.
Coal or Express Waggon,
58. As cut. 14)4 inches over all. Body, 7^ x 2}^ inches; one walking horse 6 inches high ; steel- wheels fastened to axles with the new Long Arm Hub, which adds greatly to their durability Body painted bright red, horse alumi­num bronze, seat in gold, and wheels bright yellow. y2 dozen in box.......$ 6 00
No. 58. Entire length, 14J inches.
Moving Vans,
57. As cut. 14 inches over all. Body, 7 x 3^ inches, and stands 6 inches high ; one walking horse 6 inches high, wheels fastened to axle with the new Long Arm Hubs. The van is painted in bright colors, and horse is in aluminum bronze. Y2 dozen in box...........$ 6 00
No. 57. Entire length, 14 inches.
Coal Waggon.
No. 858. Entire length, l"i inches. Dozen.
858. As cut. 17*^ inches over all. Body, 9 x d,y2 inches and stands 7^ inches high. One walking horse 7}^ inches tall. Van is painted in bright colors, lettered in bronze, and wheels are yellow ; horse aluminum bronze. dozen in box.....................$12 00
No. 859. Entire length, 174 inches. Dozen.
859. As cut. 17^ inches over all. Body, 9 x 4^ inches and stands 6^ inches high; one walking horse, 7^ inches tall. Waggon is in assorted bright colors, wheels in yellow, horse in aluminum, bronze, y^ dozen in box...........$12 00