An illustrated trade catalogue of children's toys, novelties, games,
and fancy goods as they were sold circa 1900

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For Steam Engines, Hot Air Motors and Electric Motors.
Every machine is accurately constructed and guaranteed to work perfectly if properly used, every one being tested and found in good working order before leaving the factory.
They are not only toys, amusing to both children and adults, but practical machines for studying magnetism and electricity.
Dozen. I J/739 Assorted. Plastic tin figures, painted in bright cnlors. Three kinds, " Dog Ringing Bell," "Working Blacksmiths" and "Oirl Skipping," 1 of each iu hox.........$4 00
l4/749> Windmill on
tower similar to cut. Tainted in bright col­ors. Height, S inches. 5 50
Each. 387/1. Mounted on mahogany polished base, 4^ x 3 inches ; has brass vibrator posts, set screw and binding posts, nickel magnet tube for regulat­ing strength of current, three handle pin sockets. While this article is cheap enough for a toy, it is still good enough for medical purposes.........? 3 50
No. 1-I/74U.
14/383 Working Foun­tain As cut. Js made of heavy tin finished in bronz3, and provided with pump so that when tnp basin is filled with water and power attach­ed the nozzle throws up the water to be caught again in tho basin. Height of fountain, 7 in $7 50            No. 14/383
Dozen. 14/742 Balloon Boat Wheel. Similar to Ferris Wheel, but his in place of cars, boats with occupant and floating balloon ahove each ;
brightly painted. Height, 91/2 inches.......$8 (M)
14/082 Windmill, on metal bridgework tower:
painted. Height, 12 inches .................$14 40
Each. 387/3. Mounted on mahogany polished base, 6 x 3J inches, solid iron frame, supported on brass posts, brass binding posts Can be used to run small attachments or window
pieces..................................... §4 50
Each. 387/4. Mounted on polished mahogany base, 6J x 4£ inches. Same style as cut, but has three double upright magnets, nicely painted and decorated ; brass posts. This machine is extra strong and powerful, and will run any small mechanism or window attraction ............................. $!) 00
Dry Storage Cells for above . ................
Each. SI (10
I4/707. Ferris Wheel
framework and cars
As cut. Brightly painted
Height, 124 inches......§42 00
14/083. Incline Railway. Has station top and bottom. When power is attached the car keeps ascending and descending the incline track, reversing each time it reaches a station. Length of structure, l'J in. ; height, 15 in...
No. 14/707, see description Dext column.