An illustrated trade catalogue of children's toys, novelties, games,
and fancy goods as they were sold circa 1900

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NERLICH & CO.                                                              79
Dozen. Stubborn Donkey. The animal runs forward, balks, kicks and backs up, whilst the clown bobs up and down trying to control the donkey by jerking the lines. Runs by reliable clockwork. $~ 50
14/58 5 Rough Rider. The subject is a Rough Rider on horse with wheels. Has clockwork which when wound up sets the piece in motion, and the rider waves his rifle very realistically as he rides madly round in a circle. Height, 7 inches ; packed each in a box................ 6 00
I Seal. A perfect imitation of this animal. When wound it runs around in different directions moving its limbs very naturally. Each in a box. 7 50.
Mechanical Automobile.                  Dozen.
Automobile as cut. Tin body in bright colors. An exact imitation in miniature of the latest motor carriage. Has reliable clockwork and is adjust­able to run in any size circle desired. Size, 5 x 34 inches. Each in a box.................... $3 7o
845 Motor Tricycle. Similar in size to above but is a three-wheeled vehicle. In main seat is1 figure waving high hat, and in back seat is colored servant 6gure with revolving umbrella. Size, 5 x 4J inches. Each in box............. 3 70
221 Trolley Car, 6£ ioches long. Tin body in bright colois : complete with pcle and motorman. Reliable clockwork. Each in b( x ........... 4 00
Dozen. 175 Khaki Soldier, 8 inches high. Metal body with Khaki cloth suit ; clockwork Has bay­onet fighting motion. Each in a box......... $8 00
14/740 Boat Wheel,9 inches high; with clockwork. Painted in colors Has two boats wnh occu­pants As ihe boats revolve a chime bell keeps linging. Eich in liox....................... 8 40
14/516 Clockwork MOUSe. A fur covered life size Dozen, mouse, so realistic in its movements that yon think it alive. Each in box................. $4 00