An illustrated trade catalogue of children's toys, novelties, games,
and fancy goods as they were sold circa 1900

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All are six tumbler sets.
All are six piece sets.
No. 231/10.
Dozen Sets.
No. 231/110.                           Per Set.
231/110. As cut. Bohemian crystal, decor­ated with gold bands, and gold and enamel lace pattern, gold base and edge line. 1 set in package.............. $1 50
231/104. Similar to above, but richer decor­ation. 1 set in package............ 2 00
231 103. Green Bohemian glass, same shape and similar decoration to cut 231/110. A favorite seller. 1 set in pkg....... 2 00
231/12. Green colored set, similar to above,
but richer gold and enamel decoration 2 50
231 11. bhaded ruby, lustre finish. Wide gold band, rich gold and colored enamel flower decoration.................. 2 50
231/13. Pink tint, frosted, heavy gold bands
and sprays of flowers in enamel and gold 3 00
Glass Centres*
Bohemian Crystal, consisting of tall pitcher and six tumblers. Decorated with blue band, gold lines and fancy enamel patterns....................$r8 oo
231/10. As cut. A very rich Green Bohe­mia ) glass set, decorated with white enamel figures, gold lines........... 21 60
Per Case.
A10. Assortment of Bohemian glass sets. Contains ten six tumbler sets in dif­ferent shaped jugs and pretty decora­tions The assortment comprises, 2 crystal, 3 moss green, 2 blue, r dark green and 2 ruby colored sets. Retail values range from 75c to $2.00 each. Sold only in full cases of ten sets..... 2 r 00
Glass Vase.
1 r inches high, footed, plain and crimped lily top, four colors assorted $
4 00
742. As cut, assorted colors, height 15 inches $14 40 286A. Similar to 742, but 16 inches high.... 16 00 700. Similar in style and size to above, but
has two hanging basket ornaments..... 33 60
A very handsome and large centre, one tall and three shorter branches; entire height, 19 inches.................. 36 00
No. 392.