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2                UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; O
satisfaction. His conversation was in free and easy defi­ance of Murray's Grammar, and was garnished at con­venient intervals with various profane expressions, which not even the desire to be graphic in our account shall in­duce us to transcribe.
His companion, Mr. Shelby, had the appearance of a gentleman; and the arrangements of the house, and the general air of the housekeeping, indicated easy, and even opulent, circumstances. As we before stated, the two were in the midst of an earnest conversation.
" That is the way I should arrange the matter," said Mr. Shelby.
" I can't make trade that way, — I positively can't, Mr. Shelby," said the other, holding up a glass of wine between his eye and the light.
" Why, the fact is, Haley, Tom is an uncommon fellow ; he is certainly worth that sum anywhere, — steady, honest, capable, manages my whole farm like a clock."
" You mean honest, as niggers go," said Haley, helping himself to a glass of brandy.
" No; I mean, really, Tom is a good, steady, sensible, pious fellow. He got religion at a camp-meeting, four years ago ; and I believe he really did get it. I 've trusted him, since then, with everything I have, — money, house, horses, — and let him come and go round the country; and I always found him true and square in everything."
" Some folks don't believe there is pious niggers, Shel­by," said Haley, with a candid flourish of his hand, " but 1 do. I had a fellow, now, in this yer last lot I took to Or­leans,— 't was as good as a meetin', now, really, to hear that critter pray ; and he was quite gentle and quiet like. He fetched me a good sum, too, for I bought him cheap of a man that was 'bliged to sell out; so I realized six hundred on him. Yes, I consider religion a valeyable thing in a nigger, when it's the genuine article, and no mistake."
" Well, Tom 's got the real article, if ever a fellow had,"