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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY                 5
There needed only a glance from the child to her, to identify her as its mother. There was the same rich, full, dark eye, with its long lashes ; the same ripples of silky black hair. The brown of her complexion gave way on the cheek to a perceptible flush, which deepened as she saw the gaze of the strange man fixed upon her in bold and undisguised admiration. Her dress was of the neat­est possible fit, and set off to advantage her finely moulded shape ; a delicately formed hand and a trim foot and ankle were items of appearance that did not escape the quick eye of the trader, well used to run up at a glance the points of a fine female article.
" Well, Eliza ? " said her master, as she stopped and looked hesitatingly at him.
" I was looking for Harry, please, sir;" and the boy bounded toward her, showing his spoils, which he had gathered in the skirt of his robe.
" Well, take him away, then," said Mr. Shelby; and hastily she withdrew, carrying the child on her arm.
" By Jupiter," said the trader, turning to him in ad­miration, " there 's an article, now ! You might make your fortune on that ar gal in Orleans, any day. I 've seen over a thousand, in my day, paid down for gals not a bit handsomer."
" I don't want to make my fortune on her," said Mr. Shelby, dryly ; and, seeking to turn the conversation, he uncorked a bottle of fresh wine, and asked his companion's opinion of it.
" Capital, sir, — first chop ! " said the trader ; then turning, and slapping his hand familiarly on Shelby's shoulder, he added, —
" Come, how will you trade about the gal ? — what shall I say for her, — what '11 you take ?
" Mr. Haley, she is not to be sold," said Shelby. " My wife would not part with her for her weight in gold."
" Ay, ay! women always say such things, 'cause they han't no sort of calculation. Just show'em how many