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6                UNCLE TOM'S CABIN OR
watches, feathers, and trinkets one's weight in gold would buy, and that alters the case, I reckon."
" I tell you, Haley, this must not be spoken of; I say no, and I mean no," said Shelby, decidedly.
" Well, you '11 let me have the boy, though," said the trader ; " you must own I 've come down pretty hand­somely for him."
"What on earth can you want with the child? "said Shelby.
" Why, I 've got a friend that's going into this yer branch of the business, — wants to buy up handsome boys to raise for the market. Fancy articles entirely, — sell for waiters, and so on, to rich uns, that can pay for hand­some uns. It sets off one of yer great places, — a real handsome boy to open door, wait, and tend. They fetch a good sum ; and this little devil is such a comical, musi­cal concern, he 's just the article."
" I would rather not sell him," said Mr. Shelby, thought­fully ; " the fact is, sir, I 'm a humane man, and I hate to take the boy from his mother, sir."
" Oh, you do ? — La ! yes, — something of that ar na-tur. I understand, perfectly. It is mighty onpleasant getting on with women, sometimes. I al'ays hates these yer screechin', screamin' times. They are mighty on­pleasant; but, as I manages business, I generally avoids 'em, sir. Now, what if you get the girl off for a day, or a week, or so ; then the thing 's done quietly, — all over before she comes home. Your wife might get her some ear-rings, or a new gown, or some such truck, to make up with her."
" I 'm afraid not."
" Lor bless ye, yes! These critters an't like white folks, you know; they gets over things, only manage right. Now, they say," said Haley, assuming a candid and confidential air, " that this kind o' trade is hardening to the feelings ; but I never found it so. Fact is, I never could do things up the way some fellers manage the busi-