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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY                 9
way, — out of sight, out of mind, you know, — and when it's clean done, and can't be helped, they naturally gets used to it. 'T an't, you know, as if it was white folks, that's brought up in the way of 'spectin' to keep their children and wives, and all that. Niggers, you know, that's fetched up properly han't no kind of 'spectations of no kind ; so all these things comes easier."
" I 'm afraid mine are not properly brought up, then," said Mr. Shelby.
" S'pose not; you Kentucky folks spile your niggers. You mean well by ' em, but 't an't no real kindness, arter all. Now, a nigger, you see, what's got to be hacked and tumbled round the world, and sold to Tom, and Dick, and the Lord knows who, 't an't no kindness to be givin' on him notions and expectations, and bringin' on him up too well, for the rough and tumble comes all the harder on him arter. Now, I venture to say, your niggers would be quite chop-fallen in a place where some of your planta­tion niggers would be singing and whooping like all pos­sessed. Every man, you know, Mr. Shelby, naturally thinks well of his own ways ; and I think I treat niggers just about as well as it's ever worth while to treat 'em."
" It's a happy thing to be satisfied," said Mr. Shelby, with a slight shrug, and some perceptible feelings of a dis­agreeable nature.
" Well," said Haley, after they had both silently picked their nuts for a season, " what do you say ? "
" I '11 think the matter over, and talk with my wife," said Mr. Shelby. " Meantime, Haley, if you want the matter carried on in the quiet way you speak of, you 'd best not let your business in this neighborhood be known. It will get out among my boys, and it will not be a par­ticularly quiet business getting away any of my fellows, if they know it, I '11 promise you."
" Oh, certainly, by all means, mum! of course. But I '11 tell you, I 'm in a devil of a hurry, and shall want to know, as soon as possible, what I may depend on," said he, rising and putting on his overcoat.