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12               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
Harry?" And the poor creature threw herself into a chair, and sobbed convulsively.
'* Sell him ! No, you foolish girl! You know your master never deals with those Southern traders, and never means to sell any of his servants, as long as they behave well. Why, you silly child, who do you think would want' to buy your Harry ? Do you think all the world are set on him as you are, you goosie ? Come, cheer up, and hook my dress. There, now, put my back hair up in that pretty braid you learnt the other day, and don't go listening at doors any more."
" Well, but, missis, you never would give your consent — to — to " —
" Nonsense, child ! to be sure I should n't. What do you talk so for ? I would as soon have one of my own children sold. But really, Eliza, you are getting alto­gether too proud of that little fellow. A man can't put his nose into the door, but you think he must be coming to buy him."
Reassured by her mistress's confident tone, Eliza pro­ceeded nimbly and adroitly with her toilet, laughing at her own fears, as she proceeded.
Mrs. Shelby was a woman of a high class, both intel­lectually and morally. To that natural magnanimity and generosity of mind which one often marks as character­istic of the women of Kentucky, she added high moral and religious sensibility and principle, carried out with great energy and ability into practical results. Her husband, who made no professions to any particular religious char­acter, nevertheless reverenced and respected the consis­tency of hers, and stood, perhaps, a little in awe of her opinion. Certain it was that he gave her unlimited scope in all her benevolent efforts for the comfort, instruction, and improvement of her servants, though he never took any decided part in them himself. In fact, if not exactly a believer in the doctrine of the efficacy of the extra good works of saints, he really seemed somehow or other to