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20              UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Oh, George ! George ! you frighten me ! Why, I never heard you talk so; I 'm afraid you '11 do something dreadful. I don't wonder at your feelings at all; but oh, do be careful —do, do,— for my sake, — for Harry's ! "
" I have been careful, and I have been patient, but it 's growing worse and worse ; flesh and blood can't bear it any longer ; — every chance he can get to insult and tor­ment me, he takes. I thought I could do my work well, and keep on quiet, and have some time to read and learn out of work hours ; but the more he sees I can do, the more he loads on. He says that though I don't say any­thing, he sees I 've got the devil in me, and he means to bring it out; and one of these days it will come out in a way that he won't like, or I 'm mistaken! "
" Oh, dear ! what shall we do ? " said Eliza, mournfully.
" It was only yesterday," said George, " as I was busy loading stones into a cart, that young Mas'r Tom stood there, slashing his whip so near the horse that the creature was frightened. I asked him to stop, as pleasant as I could, — he just kept right on. I begged him again, and then he turned on me, and began striking me. I held his hand, and then he screamed and kicked and ran to his father, and told him that I was fighting him. He came in a rage, and said he 'd teach me who was my master; and he tied me to a tree, and cut switches for young mas­ter, and told him that he might whip me till he was tired; — and he did do it! If I don't make him remember it, some time ! " and the brow of the young man grew dark, and his eyes burned with an expression that made his young wife tremble. " Who made this man my master ? That's what I want to know! " he said.
" Well," said Eliza mournfully, " I always thought that I must obey my master and mistress, or I could n't be a Christian."
u There is some sense in it, in your case; they have brought you up like a child, fed you, clothed you, indulged you, and taught you, so that you have a good education;