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28               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
edification ; and then, taking the pencil in his big, heavy fingers, he patiently recommenced.
" How easy white folks al'us does things ! " said Aunt Chloe, pausing while she was greasing a griddle with a scrap of bacon on her fork, and regarding young Master George with pride. " The way he can write, now ! and read, too! and then to come out here evenings and read his lessons to us, — it's mighty interestin'! "
" But, Aunt Chloe, I 'm getting mighty hungry," said George. " Is n't that cake in the skillet almost done ? "
" Mose done, Mas'r George," said Aunt Chloe, lifting the lid and peeping in, — " browning beautiful, — a real lovely brown. Ah! let me alone for dat. Missis let Sally try to make some cake, t' other day, jes to lam her, she said. ' Oh, go way, Missis,' says I ; ' it really hurts my feelin's, now, to see good vittles spiled dat ar way ! Cake ris all to one side, — no shape at all; no more than my shoe ; — go way! ' "
And with this final expression of contempt for Sally's greenness, Aunt Chloe whipped the cover off the bake-kettle, and disclosed to view a neatly baked pound-cake, of which no city confectioner need to have been ashamed. This being evidently the central point of the entertain­ment, Aunt Chloe began now to bustle about earnestly in the supper department.
" Here you, Mose and Pete! get out de way. you niggers 1 Get away, Polly, honey, — mammy '11 give her baby somefin, by and by. Now, Mas'r George, you jest take otf dem books, and set down now with my old man, and I '11 take up de sausages, and have de first griddle-ful of cakes on your plates in less dan no time."
" They wanted me to come to supper in the house," said George; " but I knew what was what too well for that, Aunt Chloe."
" So you did, — so you did. honey," said Aunt Chloe, heaping the smoking batter-cakes on his plate; " you know'd your old aunty 'd keep the best for you. Oh, let