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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              29
you alone for dat! Go way ! " and, with that, aunty gave George a nudge with her finger, designed to be immensely facetious, and turned again to her griddle with great brisk­ness.
"Now for the cake," said Mas'r George, when the activity of the griddle department had somewhat sub­sided ; and, with that, the youngster flourished a large knife over the article in question.
" La bless you, Mas'r George ! " said Aunt Chloe, with earnestness, catching his arm, " you would n't be for cuttin' it wid dat ar great heavy knife! Smash all down, —-spile all the pretty rise of it. Here, I 've got a thin old knife, I keeps sharp a purpose. Dar now, see ! comes apart light as a feather ! Now eat away, — you won't get anything to beat dat ar."
" Tom Lincon says," said George, speaking with his mouth full, "that their Jinny is a better cook than you."
k* Dem Lincons an't much 'count, noway ! " said Aunt Chloe, contemptuously ; "I mean, set alongside our folks. They 's 'spectable folks enough in a kinder plain way; but as to gettin' up anything in style, they don't begin to have a notion on 't. Set Mas'r Lincon, now, alongside Mas'r Shelby ! Good Lor ! and Missis Lincon, — can she kinder sweep it into a room like my missis, — so kinder splendid, yer know ! Oh, go way ! don't tell me nothin' of dem Lincons ! " — and Aunt Chloe tossed her head as one who hoped she did know something of the world.
" Well, though, I 've heard you say," said George, u that Jinny was a pretty fair cook."
' So I did," said Aunt Chloe, — "I may say dat. Good, plain, common cookin' Jinny '11 do ; — make a good pone o' bread, — bile her taters far, — her corn cakes is n't extra, not extra now, Jinny's corn cakes is n't, but then they 's far, — but, Lor, come to de higher branches, and what can she do ? Why, she make pies, — sartin she does ; but what kinder crust ? Can she make your real