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30               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN ; OR
flecky paste, as melts in your mouth, and lies all up like a puff ? Now, I went over thar when Miss Mary was gwine to be married, and Jinny she jest showed me de wed-din' pies. Jinny and I is good friends, ye know. I never said nothin'; but go 'long, Mas'r George ! Why, I should n't sleep a wink for a week, if I had a batch of pies like dem ar. Why, dey warn't no 'count't all."
"I suppose Jinny thought they were ever so nice," said George.
" Thought so ! did n't she ? Thar she was, showing-'em as innocent, ye see, it's jest here, Jinny don't know. Lor, the family an't nothing! She can't be 'spected to know ! 'T an't no fault o' hern. Ah, Mas'r George, you does n't know half your privileges in yer family and bringin' up ! " Here Aunt Chloe sighed, and rolled up her eyes with emotion.
" I 'm sure, Aunt Chloe, I understand all my pie and pudding privileges," said George. " Ask Tom Lincon if I don't crow over him, every time I meet him."
Aunt Chloe sat back in her chair, and indulged in a hearty guffaw of laughter, at this witticism of young Mas'r's, laughing till the tears rolled down her black, shining cheeks, and varying the exercise with playfully slapping and poking Mas'r Georgey, and telling him to go way, and that he was a case, that he was fit to kill her, and that he sartin would kill her, one of these days; and, between each of these sanguinary predictions, going off into a laugh, each longer and stronger than the other, till George really began to think that he was a very dangerously witty fellow, and that it became him to be careful how he talked " as funny as he could."
" And so ye telled Tom, did ye ? Oh, Lor! what young uns will be up ter ! Ye crowed over Tom ? Oh, Lor! Mas'r George, if ye would n't make a hornbug iaugh !"
" Yes," said George, " I says to him, ' Tom, you ought to see some of Aunt Chloe's pies; they 're the right sort, says I."