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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              31
" Pity now, Tom could n't," said Aunt Chloe, on whose benevolent heart the idea of Tom's benighted condition seemed to make a strong impression. " Ye oughter just ask him here to dinner, some o' these times, Mas'r George," she added; "it would look quite pretty of ye. Ye know, Mas'r George, ye oughtenter feel 'bove nobody, on 'count yer privileges, 'cause all our privileges is gi'n to us; we ought al'ays to 'member that," said Aunt Chloe, looking quite serious.
" Well, I mean to ask Tom here, some day next week," said George ; " and you do your prettiest, Aunt Chloe, and we '11 make him stare. Won't we make him eat so he won't get over it for a fortnight ? "
" Yes, yes, — sartin," said Aunt Chloe, delighted ; u you '11 see. Lor! to think of some of our dinners! Yer mind dat ar great chicken-pie I made when we guv de dinner to General Knox ? I and Missis, we come pretty near quarreling- about dat ar crust. What does get into ladies sometimes, I don't know ; but, sometimes, when a body has de heaviest kind o' 'sponsibility on 'em, as ye may say, and is all kinder * seris ' and taken up, dey takes dat ar time to be hangin' round and kinder in-terferin'! Now, Missis, she wanted me to do dis way, and she wanted me to do dat way; and, finally, I got kinder sarcy, and, says I, ' Now, Missis, do jist look at dem beautiful white hands o' yourn, with long fingers, and all a-sparkling with rings, like my white lilies when de dew's on 'em ; and look at my great black stumpin' hands. Now, don't ye think dat de Lord must have meant me to make de pie-crust, and you to stay in de parlor ? ' Dar ' I was jist so sarcy, Mas'r George."
" And what did mother say ? " said George.
"Say?—why, she kinder larfed in her eyes, — dem great handsome eyes o' hern ; and, says she, ' Well, Aunt Chloe, I think you are about in the right on 't,' says she ; and she went off in de parlor. She oughter cracked me over de head for bein' so sarcy ; but dar 's whar 't is, — I can't do nothin' with ladies in de kitchen ! '