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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              51
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby, after their protracted discussion of the night before, did not readity sink to repose, and, in consequence, slept somewhat later than usual the ensuing morning.
" I wonder what keeps Eliza," said Mrs. Shelby, after giving her bell repeated pulls, to no purpose.
Mr. Shelby was standing before his dressing-glass, sharp­ening his razor; and just then the door opened, and a colored boy entered, with his shaving-water.
"Andy," said his mistress, "step to Eliza's door, and tell her I have rung for her three times. Poor thing! " she added to herself, with a sigh.
Andy soon returned, with eyes very wide in astonish­ment.
" Lor, Missis! Lizy's drawers is all open, and her things all lying every which way ; and I believe she 's just done clared out! "
The truth flashed upon Mr. Shelby and his wife at the same moment. He exclaimed, —
" Then she suspected it, and she 's off! "
« The Lord be thanked ! " said Mrs. Shelby. " I trust she is."
" Wife, you talk like a fool! Really, it will be some­thing pretty awkward for me, if she is. Haley saw that I hesitated about selling this child, and he '11 think I con­nived at it, to get him out of the way. It touches my honor !" And Mr. Shelby left the room hastily.
There was great running and ejaculating, and opening' and shutting of doors, and appearance of faces in all shades