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a great deal of a particular species much in demand among politicians of all complexions and countries, and vulgarly denominated '* knowing which side the bread is buttered;" so, stopping with grave consideration, he again gave a hitch to his pantaloons, which was his regu­larly organized method of assisting his mental perplexi­ties.
" Der an't no sayin' — never — 'bout no kind o' thing in dis yer world," he said, at last.
Sam spoke like a philosopher, emphasizing this, — as if he had had a large experience in different sorts of worlds, and therefore had come to his conclusions advisedly.
" Now, sartin I 'd 'a' said that Missis would 'a' scoured ihe varsal world after Lizy," added Sam, thoughtfully.
" So she would," said Andy; " but can't ye see through a ladder, ye black nigger ? Missis don't want dis yer Mas'r Haley to get Lizy's boy ; dat 's de go!'
M Hi!" said Sam, with an indescribable intonation, known only to those who have heard it among the ne-
groes. "And
I '11 tell yer more 'n all," said Andy;
" I 'spect — mighty
you 'd better be making tracks for dem hosses,
sudden, too, — for I hearn Missis 'quirin' arter
you 've stood foolin' long enough."
Sam, upon this, began to bestir himself in real earnest, and after a while appeared, bearing down gloriously to­wards the house, with Bill and Jerry in a full canter, and adroitly throwing himself off before they had any idea of stopping, he brought them up alongside of the horse-post like a tornado. Haley's horse, which was a skittish young colt, winced, and bounced, and pulled hard at his halter.
" Ho, ho ! " said Sam, " skeery, ar ye ? " and his black visage lighted up with a curious, mischievous gleam. " I '11 fix ye now ! " said he.
There was a large beech-tree overshadowing the place, and the small, sharp, triangular beechnuts lay scattered thickly on the ground. With one of these in his fingers*.