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62               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
it 's bobservation makes all de difference in niggers. Did n't I see which way the wind blew dis yer mornin' ? Did n't I see what Missis wanted, though she never let on ? Dat ar 's bobservation, Andy. I spects it's what you may call a faculty. Faculties is different in different peoples, but cultivation of 'em goes a great way."
" I guess if I had n't helped your bobservation dis mornin', yer would n't have seen your way so smart," said Andy.
" Andy," said Sam, " you's a promisin' child, der an't no manner o' doubt. I think lots of yer, Andy ; and I don't feel noways ashamed to take idees from you. We oughtenter overlook nobody, Andy, cause the smartest on us gets tripped up sometimes. And so, Andy, let's go up to the house now. I '11 be boun' Missis 11 give us an un­
common good bite, dis yer time.'