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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              69
sit in his cheer noways, but was walkin' and stalkin' to the winders and through the porch."
" Sarves him right! " said Aunt Chloe, indignantly. " He '11 get wus nor oneasy, one of these days, if he don't mend his ways. His master '11 be sending for him, and then see how he '11 look ! "
" He '11 go to torment, and no mistake," said Kttle Jake.
" He desarves it !' said Aunt Chloe grimly; " he Js broke a many, many, many hearts, I tell ye all! " she said stopping, with a fork uplifted in her hands; " it's like what Mas'r George reads in Ravelations, souls a-callin' under the altar ! and a-callin' on the Lord for vengeance on sich ! and by and by the Lord he '11 hear 'em, so he will! "
Aunt Chloe, who was much revered in the kitchen, was listened to with open mouth; and, the dinner being now fairly sent in, the whole kitchen was at leisure to gossip with her and to listen to her remarks.
" Sich '11 be burnt up forever, and no mistake; won't ther ? " said Andy.
" I 'd be glad to see it, I '11 be boun'," said little Jake.
" Chil'en ! " said a voice, that made them all start. It was Uncle Tom, who had come in, and stood listening to the conversation at the door.
" Chil'en! " he said, " I 'm a-feared you don't know what ye 're sayin'. Forever is a dre'ful word, chil'en; it's awful to think on 't. You oughtenter wish that ar to any human crittur.".
" We would n't to anybody but the soul-drivers," said Andy; " nobody can help wishing it to them, they 's so awful wicked."
" Don't natur herself kinder cry out on 'em ?" said Aunt Chloe. " Don't dey tear der suckin' baby right off his mother's breast, and sell him, and der little children as is crying and holding on by her clothes, don't dey pull 'em off and sells 'em ? Don't dey tear wife and hus-