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70               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
band apart ?;' said Aunt Chloe, beginning to cry, " when it's jest takin' the very life on 'em ? — and all the while does they feel one bit, — don't dey drink and smoke, and take it oncommon easy ? Lor', if the devil don't get them, what's he good for ? ' And Aunt Chloe covered her face with her checked apron, and began to sob in good earnest.
" Pray for them that 'spitefully use you, the good book says," says Tom.
" Pray for 'em ! " said Aunt Chloe ; " Lor, it's too tough ! I can't pray for 'em."
" It's natur, Chloe, and natur 's strong," said Tom, " but the Lord's grace is stronger; besides, you oughter think what an awful state a poor crittur's soul's in that '11 do them ar things,—you oughter thank God that you an't like him, Chloe. I 'm sure I 'd rather be sold, ten thou­sand times over, than to have all that ar poor crittur 's got to answer for."
" So 'd I, a heap," said Jake. " Lor, should nH we cotch it, Andy ? "
Andy shrugged his shoulders, and gave an acquiescent whistle.
" I 'm glad Mas'r did n't go off this morning, as he looked io," said Tom ; " that ar hurt me more than sellin', it did. Mebbe it might have been natural for him, but't would have come desp't hard on me, as has known him from a baby; but I 've seen Mas'r, and I begin to feel sort o' rec­onciled to the Lord's will now. Mas'r could n't help his-self; he did right, but I 'm feared things will be kinder goin' to rack, when I 'm gone. Mas'r can't be spected to< be a-pryin' round everywhar, as I 've done, a-keepin' up all the ends. The boys all means well, but they 's power­ful car'less. That ar troubles me."
The bell here rang, and Tom was summoned to the parlor.
" Tom," said his master, kindly, " I want you to notice that I give this gentleman bonds to forfeit a thousand dob