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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY               73
tickle Andy as he did so, which occasioned Andy to split out into a laugh, greatly to Haley's indignation, who made a cut at him with his riding-whip.
" I's 'stonished at yer, Andy," said Sam, with aw­ful gravity. "This yer's a seris bisness, Andy. Yer must n't be a-makin' game. This yer an't no way to help Mas'r."
" I shall take the straight road to the river," said Haley, decidedly, after they had come to the boundaries of the estate. " I know the way of all of 'em, — they makes tracks for the underground."
u Sartin," said Sam, " dat 's de idee. Mas'r Haley hits de thing right in de middle. Now, der 's two roads to de river, — de dirt road and der pike, — which Mas'r mean, to take ? "
Andy looked up innocently at Sam, surprised at hearing this new geographical fact, but instantly confirmed what he said by a vehement reiteration.
" 'Cause," said Sam, " I 'd rather be 'clined to 'magine that Lizy 'd take de dirt road, bein' it's the least trav­eled."
Haley, notwithstanding that he was a very old bird, and naturally inclined to be suspicious of chaff, was rather brought up by this view of the case.
" If yer warn't both on yer such cussed liars, now!' he said, contemplatively, as he pondered a moment.
The pensive, reflective tone in which this was spoken appeared to amuse Andy prodigiously, and he drew a lit­tle behind, and shook so as apparently to run a great risk of falling off his horse, while Sam's face was immovably composed into the most doleful gravity.
" Course," said Sam, " Mas'r can do as he 'd ruther, go de straight road, if Mas'r thinks best, — it's all one t» us. Now, when I study 'pon it, I think the straight road de best, deridedly."
" She would naturally go a lonesome way," said Haley, thinking aloud, and not minding Sam's remark.