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74               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN- OR
" Dar an't no sayin'," said Sam ; " gals is pecul'ar ; they never does nothin' ye thinks they will; mose gen'lly the contrar. Gals is nat'lly made contrary ; and so, if you thinks they 've gone one road, it is sartin you 'd bet­ter go t' other, and then you '11 be sure to find 'em. Now, my private 'pinion is, Lizy took der dirt road ; so I think we 'd better take de straight one."
This profound generic view of the female sex did not seem to dispose Haley particularly to the straight road j and he announced decidedly that he should go the other, and asked Sam when they should come to it.
" A little piece ahead," said Sam, giving a wink to Andy with the eye which was on Andy's side of the head ; and he added, gravely, " but I 've studded on de matter, and I 'm quite clar we ought not to go dat ar way. I neb-ber been over it noway. It's despit lonesome, and we might lose our way, — whar we 'd come to, de Lord only knows."
" Nevertheless," said Haley, " I shall go that way."
" Now I think on 't, I think I hearn 'em tell that dat ar road was all fenced up and down by der creek, and thar, an't it, Andy ? "
Andy was n't certain ; he 'd only " hearn tell" about that road, but never been over it. In short, he was strictly noncommittal.
Haley, accustomed to strike the balance of probabilities between lies of greater or lesser magnitude, thought that it lay in favor of the dirt road aforesaid. The mention of the thing he thought he perceived was involuntary on Sam's part at first, and his confused attempts to dissuade him he set down to a desperate lying on second thoughts, as being unwilling to implicate Eliza.
When, therefore, Sam indicated the road, Haley plunged briskly into it, followed by Sam and Andy.
Now, the road, in fact, was an old one, that had for­merly been a thoroughfare to the river, but abandoned for many years after the laying of the new pike. It was open for about an hour's ride, and after that it was cut across