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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              75
by various farms and fences. Sam knew this fact per­fectly well, — indeed, the road had been so long closed up that Andy had never heard of it. He therefore rode along with an air of dutiful submission, only groaning and vociferating occasionally that 't was " desp't rough, and bad for Jerry's foot."
" Now, I jest give yer warning," said Haley, " I know yer; yer won't get me to turn off this yer road, with all yer f ussin', — so you shet up ! "
" Mas'r will go his own way! " said Sam, with rueful submission, at the same time winking most portentously to Andy, whose delight was now very near the explosive point.
Sam was in wonderful spirits, — professed to keep a very brisk lookout, — at one time exclaiming that he saw " a gal's bonnet" on the top of some distant eminence, or calling to Andy " if that thar was n't ' Lizy ' down in the hollow ;' always making these exclamations in some rough or craggy part of the road, where the sudden quick­ening of speed was a special inconvenience to all parties concerned, and thus keeping Haley in a state of constant commotion.
After riding about an hour in this way, the whole party made a precipitate and tumultuous descent into a barn­yard belonging to a large farming establishment. Not a soul was in sight, all the hands being employed in the fields; but, as the barn stood conspicuously and plainly square across the road, it was evident that their journey in that direction had reached a decided finale.
" Warn't dat ar what I telled Mas'r ? " said Sam, with an air of injured innocence. " How does strange gentle­man spect to know more about a country dan de natives born and raised ? "
" You rascal! " said Haley, " you knew all about this."
" Did n't I tell yer I know'd, and yer would n't believe me ? I telled Mas'r 't was all shet up, and fenced up, and I didn't spect we could get through, —Andy heard me."