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78               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN OR
neighborly thing in the world ; but what's a feller to do . If he catches one of my gals in the same fix, he 's welcome to pay back. Somehow I never could see no kind o' crit-tur a strivin' and pantin', and trying to clar theirselves, with the dogs arter 'em, and go agin 'em. Besides, I don't see no kind of 'casion for me to be hunter and catcher for other folks, neither."
So spoke this poor heathenish Kentuckian, who had not been instructed in his constitutional relations, and conse­quently was betrayed into acting in a sort of Christianized manner, which, if he had been better situated and more enlightened, he would not have been left to do.
Haley had stood a perfectly amazed spectator of the scene, till Eliza had disappeared up the bank, when he turned a blank, inquiring look on Sam and Andy.
" That ar was a tol'able fair stroke of business," said Sam.
" The gal's got seven devils in her, I believe! " said Haley. " How like a wildcat she jumped ! "
" Wal, now," said Sam, scratching his head, " I hope Mas'r '11 scuse us tryin' dat ar road. Don't think I feel spry enough for dat ar, noway! " and Sam gave a hoarse chuckle.
" You laugh! " said the trader, with a growl.
" Lord bless you, Mas'r, I couldn't help it, now," said Sam, giving way to the long pent-up delight of his soul. " She looked so curi's a leapin' and springin' — ice a-crackin' — and only to hear her, — plump ! ker chunk ! ker splash ! Spring! Lord ! how she goes it! " and Sam and Andy laughed till the tears rolled down their cheeks.
" I '11 make yer laugh t' other side yer mouths ! " said the trader, laying about their heads with his riding-whip.
Both ducked, and ran shouting up the bank, and were on their horses before he was up.
" Good-evening, Mas'r ! " said Sam, with much gravity. " 1 bery much spect Missis be anxious 'bout Jerry. Mas'r Haley won't want us no longer. Missis would n't hear of