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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              83
" So, then, ye 're fairly sewed up, an't ye ? " he said ; "he! he! he! It's neatly done, too."
" This yer young-un business makes lots of trouble in the trade," said Haley, dolefully.
" If we could get a breed of gals that did n't care, now, for their young uns," said Marks; " tell ye, I think 't would be 'bout the greatest mod'rn improvement I knows on,"— and Marks patronized his joke by a quiet introduc­tory sniggle.
" Jes so," said Haley; " I never could n't see into it; young uns is heaps of trouble to 'em; one would think, now, they 'd be glad to get clar on 'em; but they arn't. And the more trouble a young un is, and the more good for nothing, as a gen'l thing, the tighter they sticks to 'em."
" Wal, Mr. Haley," said Marks, "jest pass the hot water. Yes, sir; you say jest what I feel and allers have. Now, I bought a gal once, when I was in the trade, — a tight, likely wench she was, too, and quite considerable smart, — and she had a young un that was mis'able sickly; it had a crooked back, or something or other; and I jest gin 't away to a man that thought he 'd take his chance raising on 't, being it did n't cost nothin'; — never thought, yer know, of the gal's takin' on about it, — but, Lord, yer oughter seen how she went on. Why, re'lly, she did seem to me to valley the child more 'cause 't was sickly and cross, and plagued her; and she warn't making b'lieve, neither, — cried about it, she did, and lopped round, as if she 'd lost every friend she had. It re'lly was droll to think on 't. Lord, there an't no end to women's notions."
" Wal, jest so with me," said Haley. " Last summer, down on Red River, I got a gal traded off on me, with a likely lookin' child enough, and his eyes looked as bright as yourn ; but, come to look, I found him stone blind. Fact, — he was stone blind. Wal, ye see, I thought there warn't no harm in my jesf passing him along, and not