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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              87
he did so, " ye see, we has justices convenient at all p'ints along-shore, that does up any little jobs in our line quite reasonable. Tom, he does the knockin' down and that ar ; and I come in all dressed up, — shining boots, — every­thing first chop, when the swearin' 's to be done. You oughter see. now," said Marks, in a glow of professional pride, " how I can tone it off. One day I 'm Mr. Twickem, from New Orleans; 'nother day, I 'm just come from my plantation on Pearl River, where I works seven hundred niggers; then, again, I come out a distant relation of Henry Clay, or some old cock in Kentuck. Talents is dif­ferent, you know. Now, Tom 's a roarer when there 's any thumping or fighting to be done ; but at lying he an't good, Tom an't, — ye see it don't come natural to him; but, Lord, if thar 's a feller in the country that can swear to anything and everything, and put in all the circumstances and flourishes with a longer face, and carry 't through better 'n I can, why, I 'd like to see him, that's all! I b'lieve my heart, I could get along and snake through, even if justices were more particular than they is. Some­times I rather wish they was more particular ; 't would be a heap more relishin' if they was — more fun, yer know."
Tom Loker, who, as we have made it appear, was a man of slow thoughts and movements, here interrupted Marks by bringing his heavy fist down on the table, so as to make all ring again. u It HI do ! " he said.
" Lord bless ye, Tom, ye need n't break all the glasses ! " said Marks ; " save your fist for time o' need."
" But, gentlemen, an't I to come in for a share of the profits ? " said Haley.
" An't it enough we catch the boy for ye ? " said Loker. " What do ye want ? "
" Wal," said Haley, "if I gives you the job, it *s worth something, say ten per cent, on the profits, expenses paid."
"Now," said Loker, with a tremendous oath, and strik­ing the table with his heavy fist, " don't I know you, Dan Haley ? Don't you think to come it over me ! Suppose