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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              89
— we lawyers, yer know. Wal, we must all keep good-natured, — keep easy, yer know. Tom '11 have the boy for yer, anywhere ye '11 name ; won't ye, Tom ? "
" If I find the young un, I '11 bring him on to Cincin­nati, and leave him at Granny Belcher's, on the landing/* said Loker.
Marks had got from his pocket a greasy pocket-book, and taking a long paper from thence, he sat down, and fixing his keen black eyes on it, began mumbling over its contents : " Barnes, — Shelby County, — boy Jim, three hundred dollars for him, dead or alive.
" Edwards, — Dick and Lucy, — man and wife, six hundred dollars; wench Polly and two children, — six hundred for her or her head.
" I 'm jest runnin' over our business, to see if we can take up this yer handily. Loker," he said, after a pause, " we must set Adams and Springer on the track of these yer; they 've been booked some time."
" They '11 charge too much," said Tom.
" I '11 manage that ar; they's young in the business, and must spect to work cheap," said Marks, as he continued to read. " Ther 's three on 'em easy cases, 'cause all you've^got to do is to shoot 'em, or swear they is shot; they could n't, of course, charge much for that. Them other cases," he said, folding the paper, " will bear put-tin* off a spell. So now let's come to the particulars. Now, Mr. Haley, you saw this yer gal when she landed ? '
" To be sure, — plain as I see you."
" And a man helpin' on her up the bank ? " said Loker*
" To be sure, I did."
" Most likely," said Marks, "she'stook in somewhere ; but where, 's a question. Tom, what do you say ? '
" We must cross the river to-night, no mistake," said Tom.
" But there's no boat about," said Marks. " The ice is running awfully, Tom ; an't it dangerous ? '
" Don'no nothing 'bout that, — only it's got to be done," said Tom, decidedly.