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90               UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Dear me," said Marks, fidgeting, "it '11 be — I say, he said, walking to the window, " it's dark as a wolf's mouth, and, Tom " —
" The long and short is, you 're scared, Marks; but I can't help that, — you 've got to go. Suppose you want to lie by a day or two, till the gal's been carried on the underground line up to Sandusky or so, before you start."
" Oh, no ; I an't a grain afraid," said Marks, " only "—
" Only what ? " said Tom.
"Well, about the boat. Yer see there an't any boat."
" I heard the woman say there was one coming along this evening, and that a man was going to cross over in it. Neck or nothing, we must go with him," said Tom.
" I s'pose you 've got good dogs," said Haley.
" Firstrate," said Marks. " But what's the use ? you han't got nothin' o' hers to smell on."
" Yes, I have," said Haley, triumphantly. " Here 's her shawl she left on the bed in her hurry ; she left her bonnet, too."
" That ar 's lucky," said Loker; " fork over."
" Though the dogs might damage the gal, if they come on her unawars," said Haley.
" That ar 's a consideration," said Marks. M Our dogs tore a feller half to pieces, once, down in Mobile, 'fore we could get 'em off."
" Well, ye see, for this sort that 's to be sold for their looks, that ar won't answer, ye see," said Haley.
" I do see," said Marks. " Besides, if she 's got took in, 't an't no go, neither. Dogs is no 'count in these yer up States where these critturs gets carried ; of course, ye can't get on their track. They only does down in planta­tions, where niggers, when they runs, has to do their own running, and don't get no help."
" Well," said Loker, who had just stepped out to the bar to make some inquiries, " they say the man 's come with the boat; so, Marks " —
That worthy cast a rueful look at the comfortable