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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              93
" Easy! could n't nobody 'a' done it, widout de Lord. Why, now," said Sam, " 't was jist dis yer way. Mas'r Haley, and me, and Andy, we comes up to de little tavern by the river, and I rides a leetle ahead, — (I's so zealous to be a-cotchin' Lizy, that I could n't hold in, noway), — and when I comes by the tavern winder, sure enough there she was, right in plain sight, and dey diggin' on behind. Wal, I loses off my hat, and sings out nuff to raise the dead. Course Lizy she hars, and she dodges back, when Mas'r Haley he goes past the door ; and then, I tell ye, she clared out de side door; she went down de river bank ; — Mas'r Haley he seed her, and yelled out, and him, and me, and Andy, we took arter. Down she come to the river, and thar was the current running ten feet wide by the shore, and over 't other side ice a-sawin' and a-jiggling up and down, kinder as 't were a great island. We come right behind her, and I thought my soul he 'd got her sure enough, — when she gin sich a screech as I never hearn, and thar she was, clar over t' other side the current, on the ice, and then on she went, a-screeching and a-jumpin' — the ice went crack ! — c'wallop ! crack­ing ! chunk ! and she a-boundin' like a buck ! Lord, the spring that ar gal 's got in her an't common, I 'm o' 'pin­ion."
Mrs. Shelby sat perfectly silent, pale with excitement, while Sam told his story.
" God be praised, she is n't dead!" she said: " but where is the poor child now ? "
" De Lord will per vide," said Sam, rolling up his eyes piously. " As I 've been a-sayin', dis yer 's a providence and no mistake, as Missis has allers been a-instructin' on us. Thar 's allers instruments ris up to do de Lord's will. Now, if 't had n't been for me to-day, she 'd 'a' been took a dozen times. Warn't it I started off de bosses, dis yer morn in', and kept 'em chasin' till nigh dinner-time ? And did n't I car' Mas'r Haley nigh live miles out of de road, dis evening, or else he 'd 'a' come up with Lizy as