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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              95
the dominions of Aunt Chloe, with the intention of flour­ishing largely in the kitchen.
" I '11 speechify these yer niggers," said Sam to himself, " now I 've got a chance. Lord, I '11 reel it off to make 'em stare ! "
It must be observed that one of Sam's especial delights had been to ride in attendance on his master to all kinds of political gatherings, where, roosted on some rail fence, or perched aloft in some tree, he would sit watching the orators, with the greatest apparent gusto, and then, de­scending among the various brethren of his own color, assembled on the same errand, he would edify and delight them with the most ludicrous burlesques and imitations, all delivered with the most imperturbable earnestness and solemnity; and though the auditors immediately about him were generally of his own. color, it not unfrequently happened that they were fringed pretty deeply with those of a fairer complexion, who listened, laughing and wink­ing, to Sam's great self-congratulation. In fact, Sam con­sidered oratory as his vocation, and never let slip an opportunity of magnifying his office.
Now, between Sam and Aunt Chloe there had existed, from ancient times, a sort of chronic feud, or rather a de­cided coolness ; but, as Sam was meditating something in the provision department, as the necessary and obvious foundation of his operations, he determined, on the present occasion, to be eminently conciliatory ; for he well knew that although " Missis' orders" would undoubtedly be followed to the letter, yet he should gain a considerable deal by enlisting the spirit also. He therefore appeared before Aunt Chloe with a touchingly subdued, resigned expression, like one who has suffered immeasurable hard­ships in behalf of a persecuted fellow-creature, — enlarged upon the fact that Missis had directed him to come to Aunt Chloe for whatever might be wanting to make up the balance in his solids and fluids, — and thus unequivo­cally acknowledged her right and supremacy in the cook­ing department, and all thereto pertaining.