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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              97
ing round arter any our people, why, he 's got me in his way ; / 'm the feller he 's got to set in with, — I'm the feller for yer all to come to, bredren, — I '11 stand up for yer rights, — I '11 'fend 'em to the last breath ! "
" Why, but, Sam, yer telled me, only this mornin', that you 'd help this yer Mas'r to cotch Lizy ; seems to me yer talk don't hang together," said Andy.
" I tell you now, Andy," said Sam, with awful superior­ity, " don't yer be a-talkin' 'bout what yer don't know nothin' on ; boys like you, Andy, n\eans well, but they can't be 'spected to collusitate the great principles of action."
Andy looked rebuked, particularly by the hard word collusitate, which most of the youngerly members of the company seemed to consider as a settler in the case, while Sam proceeded.
" Dat ar was conscience, Andy ; when I thought of gwine arter Lizy, I railly spected Mas'r was sot dat way. When I found Missis was sot the contrar, dat ar was con­science move yet, — 'cause fellers allers gets more by stick-in' to Missis' side, — so yer see I's persistent either way, and sticks up to conscience, and holds on to principles. Yes, principles" said Sam, giving an enthusiastic toss to a chicken's neck, — " what 's principles good for, if we is n't persistent, I wanter know ? Thar, Andy, you may have dat ar bone, — 't an't picked quite clean."
Sam's audience hanging on his words with open mouth, he could not but proceed.
" Dis yer matter 'bout persistence, feller-niggers," said Sam, with the air of one entering into an abstruse subject, " dis yer 'sistency 's a thing what an't seed into very clar, by most anybody. Now, yer see, when a feller stands up for a thing one day and night, de contrar de next, folks ses (and nat'rally enough dey ses), why he an't persistent — hand me dat ar bit o' corn-cake, Andy. But let's look inter it. I hope the gen'lmen and der fair sex will sense my usin' an or'nary sort o' 'parison. Here ! I 'm a-tryin*