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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            101
been known to put her to rout at the very first gobble, and a stout house-dog, of moderate capacity, would bring her into subjection merely by a show of his teeth. Her husband and children were her entire world, and in these she ruled more by entreaty and persuasion than by com­mand or argument. There was only one thing that was capable of arousing her, and that provocation came in on the side of her unusually gentle and sympathetic na­ture ; — anything in the shape of cruelty would throw her into a passion, which was the more alarming and inexpli­cable in proportion to the general softness of her nature. Generally the most indulgent and easy to be entreated of all mothers, still her boys had a very reverent remem­brance of a most vehement chastisement she once bestowed on them, because she found them leagued wTith several graceless boys of the neighborhood, stoning a defenseless kitten.
" I '11 tell you what," Master Bill used to say, " I was scared that time. Mother came at me so that I thought she was crazy, and I was whipped and tumbled off to bed, without any supper, before I could get over wondering what had come about; and, after that, I heard mother crying outside the door, which made me feel worse than all the rest. I '11 tell you what," he 'd say, " we boys never stoned another kitten!"
On the present occasion, Mrs. Bird rose quickly, with very red cheeks, which quite improved her general ap­pearance, and walked up to her husband, with quite a resolute air, and said, in a determined tone, —
" Now, John, I want to know if you think such a law as that is right and Christian ? "
" You won't shoot me, now, Mary, if I say I do! "
" I never could have thought it of you, John; you did n't vote for it ? "
" Even so, my fair politician."
"You ought to be ashamed, John! Poor, homeless, houseless creatures ! It's a shameful, wicked, abominable