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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY             1091
and he threatens to sell him down South ; — it's like I'll never see him again ! "
The quiet tone in which the woman pronounced these words might have led a superficial observer to think that she was entirely apathetic ; but there was a calm, settled depth of anguish in her large, dark eye, that spoke of something far otherwise.
" And where do you mean to go, my poor woman ?': said Mrs. Bird.
" To Canada, if I only knew where that was. Is it very far off, is Canada ? " said she, looking up, with a simple, confiding air, to Mrs. Bird's face.
" Poor thing !' said Mrs. Bird, involuntarily.
" Is 't a very great way off, think ? " said the woman, earnestly.
" Much further than you think, poor child! " said Mrs. Bird ; " but we will try to think what can be done for you. Here, Dinah, make her up a bed in your own room, close by the kitchen, and I '11 think what to do for her in the morning. Meanwhile, never fear, poor woman ; put your trust in God; He will protect you."
Mrs. Bird and her husband reentered the parlor. She sat down in her little rocking-chair before the fire, sway­ing thoughtfully to and fro. Mr. Bird strode up and down the room, grumbling to himself. " Pish ! pshaw I confounded awkward business ! " At length, striding up to his wife, he said, —
" I say, wife, she '11 have to get away from here, this very night. That fellow will be down on the scent bright and early to-morrow morning ; if 't was only the woman, she could lie quiet till it was over; but that little chap can't be kept still by a troop of horse and foot, I '11 war­rant me ; he '11 bring it all out, popping his head out of some window or door. A pretty kettle of fish it would be for me, too, to be caught with them both here, just now! No ; they '11 have to be got off to-night."
" To-night! How is it possible ? — where to ? M