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114             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
And you need not exult over him, good brother of the Southern States; for we have some inklings that many of you, under similar circumstances, would not do much better. We have reason to know, in Kentucky, as in Mississippi, are noble and generous hearts, to whom never was tale of suffering told in vain. Ah, good brother ! is it fair for you to expect of us services which your own brave, honorable heart would not allow you to render, were you in our place ?
Be that as it may, if our good senator was a political sinner, he was in a fair way to expiate it by his night's penance. There had been a long, continuous period of rainy weather, and the soft, rich earth of Ohio, as every one knows, is admirably suited to the manufacture of mud, — and the road was an Ohio railroad of the good old times.
" And pray, what sort of a road may that be ? " says some Eastern traveler, who has been accustomed to con­nect no ideas with a railroad but those of smoothness or speed.
Know, then, innocent Eastern friend, that in benighted regions of the West, where the mud is of unfathomable and sublime depth, roads are made of round rough logs, arranged transversely side by side, and coated over in their pristine freshness with earth, turf, and whatsoever may come to hand, and then the rejoicing native calleth it a road, and straightway essayeth to ride thereupon. In process of time, the rains wash off all the turf and grass aforesaid, move the logs hither and thither in picturesque positions, up, down, and crosswise, with divers chasms and ruts of black mud intervening.
Over such a road as this our senator went stumbling along, making moral reflections as continuously as under the circumstances could be expected, — the carriage pro­ceeding along much as follows, — bump ! bump ! bump ! slush! down in the mud ! — the senator, woman, and child reversing their positions so suddenly as to come, with-