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120            UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
goes down thar! They kills 'em ! I 've hearn 'em tell how dey works 'em up on dem ar plantations."
w' There 11 be the same God there, Chloe, that there is here."
" Well," said Aunt Chloe, " s'pose dere will; but de Lord lets drefful things happen, sometimes. I don't seem to get no comfort dat way."
" I 'm in the Lord's hands," said Tom ; " nothin' can go no f urder than he lets it; — and thar 's one thing I can thank him for. It 's me that 's sold and going down, and not you nur the chil'en. Here you 're safe ; — what comes will come only on me ; and the Lord, He '11 help me, — I know He will."
Ah, brave, manly heart, — smothering thine own sor­row, to comfort thy beloved ones ! Tom spoke with a thick utterance, and with a bitter choking in his throat, — but he spoke brave and strong.
" Let 's think on our marcies ! " he added, tremulously, as if he was quite sure he needed to think on them very hard indeed.
" Marcies! " said Aunt Chloe ; " don't see no marcy in 't! 't an't right! 't an't right it should be so ! Mas'r never ought ter left it so that ye could be took for his debts. Ye 've arnt him all he gets for ye, twice over. He owed ye yer freedom, and ought ter gin't to yer years ago. Mebbe he can't help himself now, but I feel it 's wrong. Nothing can't beat that ar out o' me. Sich a faithful crittur as ye 've been, — and allers sot his busi­ness 'fore yer own every way, — and reckoned on him more than yer own wife and chil'en! Them as sells heart's love and heart's blood, to get out thar scrapes, de Lord '11 be up to 'em! "
" Chloe ! now, if ye love me, ye won't talk so, when perhaps jest the last time we '11 ever have together! And I '11 tell ye, Chloe, it goes agin me to hear one word agin Mas'r. Warn't he put in my arms a baby ? — it 's natui I should think a heap of him. And he could n't be