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124            UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" Tom," she said, " I come to " — and stopping suddenly, and regarding the silent group, she sat down in the chair, and, covering her face with her handkerchief, began to sob.
" Lor, now, Missis, don't — don't! " said Aunt Chloe, bursting out in her turn ; and for a few moments' they all wept in company. And in those tears they all shed to­gether, the high and the lowly, melted away all the heart­burnings and anger of the oppressed. Oh, ye who visit the distressed, do ye know that everything your money can buy, given with a cold, averted face, is not worth one honest tear shed in real sympathy ?
" My good fellow," said Mrs. Shelby, " I can't give you anything to do you any good. If I give you money, it will only be taken from you. But I tell you solemnly, and before God, that I will keep trace of you, and bring you back as soon as I can command the money; — and till then, trust in God ! "
Here the boys called out that Mas'r Haley was coming, and then an unceremonious kick pushed open the door. Haley stood there in very ill humor, having ridden hard the night before, and being not at all pacified by hi& ill success in recapturing his prey.
" Come," said he, " ye nigger, ye 'r ready ? Servant, ma'am ! " said he, taking off his hat, as he saw Mrs. Shelby.
Aunt Chloe shut and corded the box, and, getting up, looked gruffly on the trader, her tears seeming suddenly turned to sparks of fire.
Tom rose up meekly to follow his new master, and raised up his heavy box on his shoulder. His wife took the baby in her arms to go with him to the wagon, and the children, still crying, trailed on behind.
Mrs. Shelby, walking up to the trader, detained him for a few moments, talking with him in an earnest manner ; and while she was thus talking, the whole family party proceeded to a wagon, that stood ready harnessed at the