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126             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
Haley whipped up the horse, and, with a steady, mourn­ful look, fixed to the last on the old place, Tom was whirled away.
Mr. Shelby at this time was not at home. He had sold Tom under the spur of a driving necessity, to get out of the power of a man whom he dreaded, — and his first feel­ing, after the consummation of the bargain, had been that of relief. But his wife's expostulations awoke his half-slumbering regrets ; and Tom's manly disinterestedness in* creased the unpleasantness of his feelings. It was in vain that he said to himself that he had a right to do it, — that everybody did it, — and that some did it without even the excuse of necessity; — he could not satisfy his own feelings; and that he might not witness the unpleasant scenes of the consummation, he had gone on a short busi­ness tour up the country, hoping that all would be over before he returned.
Tom and Haley rattled on along the dusty road, whirl­ing past every old familiar spot, until the bounds of the estate were fairly passed, and they found themselves out on the open pike. After they had ridden about a mile, Haley suddenly drew up at the door of a blacksmith's shop, when, taking out with him a pair of handcuffs, he stepped into the shop, to have a little alteration in them.
" These yer *s a little too small for his build," said Haley, showing the fetters, and pointing out to Tom.
"Lor ! now, if thar an't Shelby's Tom. He han't sold him, now ? " said the smith.
" Yes, he has," said Haley.
" Now, ye don't! well, reely," said the smith, " who 'd 'a' thought it! Why, ye need n't go to fetterin' him up this yer way. He 's the faithfullest, best crittur " —
" Yes, yes," said Haley, " but your good fellers are just the critturs to want ter run off. Them stupid ones, as does n't care whar they go, and shifless, drunken ones, as don't care for nothin', they '11 stick by, and like as not be rather pleased to be toted round; but these yer prime