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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            129
good many things twice over; but he don't give ye a mother but once. Ye '11 never see sich another woman, Mas'r George, if ye live to be a hundred years old. So, now, you hold on to her, and grow up, and be a comfort to her, thar's my own good boy, —you will now, won't ye?"
" Yes, I will, Uncle Tom," said George, seriously.
" And be careful of yer speaking, Mas'r George. Young boys, when they comes to your age, is willful, sometimes,
— it's natur they should be. But real gentlemen, such as I hopes you '11 be, never lets fall no words that is n't 'spectful to thar parents. Ye an't 'fended, Mas'r George ? "
" No, indeed, Uncle Tom; you always did give me good advice."
" I's older, ye know," said Tom, stroking the boy's fine, curly head with his large, strong hand, but speaking in a voice as tender as a woman's, " and I sees all that's bound up in you. Oh, Mas'r George, you has everything,
— l'arnin', privileges, readin', writin', — and you '11 grow up to be a great, learned, good man, and all the people on the place and your mother and father '11 be so proud on ye! Be a good Mas'r, like yer father; and be a Christian, like yer mother. 'Member yer Creator in the days o' yer youth, Mas'r George."
" I '11 be real good, Uncle Tom, I tell you," said George. " I 'm going to be a first-rater ; and don't you be discouraged. I '11 have you back to the place, yet. As I told Aunt Chloe this morning, I '11 build your house all over, and you shall have a room for a parlor with a carpet on it, when I 'm a man. Oh, you '11 have good times yet! "
Haley now came to the door, with the handcuffs in his hands.
" Look here, now, Mister," said George, with an air of great superiority, as he got out, " I shall let father and mother know how you treat Uncle Tom! "