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134            UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
Into such an assembly of the free and easy our traveler entered. He was a short, thick-set man, carefully dressed, with a round, good-natured countenance, and something rather fussy and particular in his appearance. He was very careful of his valise and umbrella, bringing them in with his own hands, and resisting, pertinaciously, all offers from the various servants to relieve him of them. He looked round the bar-room with rather an anxious air, and, retreating with his valuables to the warmest corner, disposed them under his chair, sat down, and looked rather apprehensively up at the worthy whose heels illustrated the end of the mantel-piece, who was spitting from right to left, with a courage and energy rather alarming to gentlemen of weak nerves and par­ticular habits.
" I say, stranger, how are ye ? " said the aforesaid gen­tleman, firing an honorary salute of tobacco-juice in the direction of the new arrival.
" Well, I reckon,'' was the reply of the other, as he dodged, with some alarm, the threatening honor.
" Any news ? " said the respondent, taking out a strip of tobacco and a large hunting-knife from his pocket.
" Not that I know of," said the man.
" Chaw ? " said the first speaker, handing the old gen­tleman a bit of his tobacco, with a decidedly brotherly air.
"No, thank ye, — it don't agree with me," said the little man, edging off.
" Don't, eh ? " said the other, easily, and stowing away the morsel in his own mouth, in order to keep up the sup­ply of tobacco-juice, for the general benefit of society.
The old gentleman uniformly gave a little start when­ever his long-sided brother fired in his direction ; and this being observed by his companion, he very good-naturedly turned his artillery to another quarter, and proceeded to storm one of the fire-irons with a degree of military talent fully sufficient to take a city.